1. Update the gradle dependencies if required or buildToolsVersion for the app module in the Gradle Scripts.
  2. Make a clean build of the existing project.
  3. If you want to change the base url of the project –
    1. Goto app module -> java module -> open the package -> utils -> URLUtls.java
    2. Open the URLUtils.java file and modify the new base url with the existing one there with

      the ‘base’ constant.

    3. If you have any further API’s to integrate, you should add in this file like others.
  4. If you want to change the app icon of the project –
    1. Just goto MakeAppIcon site and upload icon image there.
    2. Download images by giving a valid email ID. They will send the zip archive
    3. Just extract the .zip archive.
    4. Now in our project, goto app module -> res module -> mipmap there you can see the list

      of icons with various dpi’s.

    5. Now, goto the extracted folder and copy each file and paste it into the respective

      directory and overwrite it. To know how to do that read F.

    6. The match should be hdpi, mdpi, xdpi, xxdpi, xxxdpi. Just paste on mipmap folder and

      select the destination folder to which you are trying to copy (Right click on the mipmap folder and paste, then it will populate a dialogue containing which **dpi destination you want to copy).

    7. If you have rounded icon also which supports for Nougat +, do the same things.
  5. If you want to change the Google login integration, just follow these steps –
    1. Open a new incognito window in the browser and sign into the respective account
    2. Now go to Google Cloud Platform – Google Cloud Console and create an application.
    3. Now go to Get configuration file and give the respective details.
    4. If you have release key,
    5. Download the configuration file and copy that file to app module of the project. (This

      should be done in either the explorer or terminal).

    6. Copy the GCM sender id and paste at -> app -> res -> values -> strings.xml at


    7. And do the same for serverAPI also.
  6. If you want to change the Facebook login integration, just follow these steps –
    1. Login to the developer account in facebook.
    2. Create a new app and enable social login integration
    3. Put key hashes of both the release and debug keys.
    4. Copy the facebook app id and facebook protocol scheme to app -> res -> values

      ->strings.xml. For facebook app id replace at facebook and the

      fb_login_protocol_scheme is for protocol scheme.

  7. If you want to change Splash Screen –
    1. Open app module -> goto res -> open drawable folder.
    2. Copy the splash screen image and paste in the drawable folder.
    3. Now, open layout folder and open activity_splash

D. Now change accordingly in this file.

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